How can a site recover from a period of spamming links?

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How can a site recover from a period of spamming links?

YouTube video

This video which is released by Matt Cutts talks about: “How can a site recover from a period of spamming links?” The question specifically asked how Interflora got back in the ranking after an 11-days penalty. However; Matt Cutts disregarded this straight forward question and focused on the issue in general perspectives.

What is spamming and why is it a reprehensible action?

Spamming is a term used to indicate the act of sending or flooding messages to receivers who did not request for certain information. These messages may include but not limited to indiscriminate advertising through email, instant messages, newsgroup, web search engine, blogs, mobile phone messages, internet forums, and other social media sites. Spamming is free so advertisers utilize it for mass mailing. Spamming can also spread malwares to infect computers and some may even perform worse cases like identity theft and phishing.

How does Google react to spamming activities?

Google are continuously watching out for buy and sell links which pass through the PageRank. Buying or selling of links is a violation of Google’s guidelines and if Google found out that this violation is done several times, the penalty would be ingrained and severe.

What can a site do to recover from spamming links violation?

Previously spamming sites that planned in undoing such mistakes can do radical actions. Matt Cutts recommended site owners to disavow links that were acquired illicitly and start a fresh one. Site can submit a reconsideration request to Google using the domain query, the domain colon, and removing a vast body of domains with bad links. Matt Cutts however said that site owners do not have to remove everything in the site but this drastic measure might have a strong impact to Google for a greater percentage of reconsideration opportunity.

To improve your online marketing campaign get better SEO ranking, you should:

  • Generally abide by the guidelines and rules of Google especially in terms of spamming which is a serious abuse of social media.
  • Use highly recommended methods to clean up your spammed web page such as using the disavowal links to get rid of bulks of illicit and unsolicited links.
  • Remember that Google is actively advocating a crusade against spamming and the people behind it. Thus, if you do not want to receive a spam report from Google or have your web site downgraded or taken off the search results page, make sure you avoid spammy activities at all cost.