How to get the best out of your Facebook videos

Updated on: 16 September 2017

Using social media videos is a rich online marketing strategy for brand managers and marketers because of the ability to grab attention, drive traffic and conversions. Your clients are no longer just looking for the product to buy, but want to be entertained and feel valued to convert. On Facebook, over 8 billion of viewers watch videos every day.

How can a marketer or brand manager get the best from Facebook Videos?

Tell better stories with your videos

When you work on videos, the main objective should be generating better content and outdoing competitors. This can only be realized by understanding the target audience properly. For example, take time to learn about the target consumer segment education levels, income, and location. Then, tell stories that educate, inform, and create a unique connection to make them share the videos and even buy from you. If you are marketing a tourist destination, make sure to link the story with the thrill of booking for holiday the area or hotel.

Always upload native videos

When you use videos, the reach is about 22% compared to embedded YouTube videos that only reach about 13%. To get more viewership and customer satisfaction, consider using Native videos that have a replay function. This makes the videos content to flow freer and more engaging. Many clients on Facebook indicate they get strongly attached to great videos that make them replay the video, like, comment and share with other followers.

Grab visitors’ attention and maintain it

While marketers express their concerns about the 3-seconds play in video metrics; the focus is how to make the videos more engaging. The secret to making your followers go beyond the 3-seconds is optimizing the lead-in. Do not waste any time, go right into the introduction with a great thumbnail that has lovely images and real people talking to the audience. Whether the sound is on or off, make sure that the video is very interesting by using visual simulating elements such as colour shifts, unique camera angles, people in different environments, and flashes of motion.

Go beyond moving images by utilizing Copy correctly

Because some users disable autoplay in their feeds, you need to look for a click in the promoted social video. You can do this by optimizing the copy surrounding a video by creatively setting the stage for what the audience is about to get. Using the Copy in Facebook does not stop here. You should add words to the actual video so that even those who watch them with the sound turned off can get the message. Using Copy well gives users better understanding while words flashing on the screen provide the emphasize you want.

Make your Facebook page welcoming

Unless the clients understand you very well, the first step is visiting the Branded Facebook page. You must understand what they are looking for and welcome them with a video talking about their needs. You can place the video on top of the page and start with greetings to set the tone of the business page. This can create a lasting impression on a client. As you keep integrating videos on the page, make sure to treat them like independent websites to know the visiting personas and what they are looking for. Then, use the video to meet their needs.