Email Marketing changes in the next two years

Updated on: 23 September 2017

The heart of email marketing is presenting customer-centric experiences to win more clients and drive conversions. Marketers are getting extra creative to present their messages more dynamically and to drive conversions. As email marketing becomes more important in the coming days, you should anticipate the following online marketing trends in the next two years.

Email marketing will narrow to basics as automation edges a notch higher

Marketers agree that consumers respond very well to brands that do their email marketing well. This has made more brands to automate their email marketing campaign’s core elements. The focus will shift to understanding customer journey with various programs. Everything is shifting fast to email marketing apps that will carry your message more succinctly and drive higher conversion.

Email marketing will be driven more by artificial intelligence

A closer look at the history of email marketing reveals a strategy deeply ingrained in tactical implementation. Though over 60% implement email marketing strategies, many are those operating at the basic level only. However, the next two years are likely to see advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning that will carry the strategy ahead. Things such as intelligent personalization, lifecycle marketing optimization, and sophisticated segmentation will form the basis of artificial intelligence.

Email content will undergo huge transformation

The main content format in most emails is texts. Even when there is a video or image, many marketers prefer giving a link to the main homepage or landing page. However, email marketing will become more interactive and engage in the same way that websites present theirs. You should expect to get things such as real-time optimization and other functionalities like shopping carts for clients who want to order products directly.

Personalized products on emails

The central role that emails play in promoting sales is making marketers consider personalized products for profit sustainability. Most marketers are getting creative and going beyond presenting products’ lists to enhancing direct engagement. The emails are points of regular communication to involve clients in all stages of product development cycle.

Greater integration to form more complex ecosystems

As the cost of big data continues going down, marketers are starting to enjoy the results of integrating their email campaigns. In the next several years, the ecosystem is likely to get more complex with data flowing between BI solutions, social media, CRM, and email marketing. This could be the new benchmark in most email marketing campaigns.

Email campaigns A/B testing will become even more important

In many instances, marketing emails are released without pre-testing them because marketers consider them effective. However, this has been a major undoing for most marketers because clients prefer something different. However, the notion of A/B split testing every campaign is becoming popular and is likely to drive email campaigns to the next level.

As a marketer, do not simply trust what you create, it is important to take the next step of finding out what clients prefer. By testing the messages and making them personal, it will be easy to win more clients and enjoy higher value for money.