Should I Correct The Grammar of Comments on My Blog?

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Should I Correct The Grammar of Comments on My Blog?

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Blog sites would usually allow readers or visitors to post comments articles posted on the site. If you are a blogger, you most probably may have noticed that not all comments that people submit on your blogs are done with care. Errors in spelling and grammar may be there, while some comments can also be considered as spams. If you are really concerned about whether or not you should start correcting misspelled words or bad grammar, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s search spam group, has a solution to this dilemma.

This video has the following highlights:

  • Poor comments can be found in almost every corner of the web. If you visit or other popular social media sites, you will notice that there are tons of comments with bad grammar and poor spellings.
  • One should not stress over cleaning up their blogs or pages by ridding them of poorly constructed and incomprehensible comments or remarks. Unless those are spams, then you can report the comment as one and the administrators will remove the spams for you.
  • Poorly constructed comments do not have any effect on your web page rankings at all.
  • Focus on your own websites content by making sure that you practice correctness of grammar and spell your words accurately. After all, your web content is one of the main factors that Google considers when ranking your page.

In order to get higher SEO rankings, you should:

  • Always make sure that your web content is original. Unique content will catch people’s attention, which means ultimately increases your searches and visitors. Duplicate contents tend to get more competition in terms of visitors and site rankings, so it’s time to tap and make use of those creative juices and start creating original web content.
  • Make regular content updates. If your webpage does not have a lot of activity, when it comes to content submission and updates, search engines will not be able to rank your page properly. More often than not, your site’s authority and relevancy rely on how often your update your website.
  • Use links that lead to reliable sites. This is a must because you do not want your readers feel a bit doubtful about the sites that you include on your page. Be sure to link the name of the site or page instead of just using the regular “click here” option.