The Ultimate Guide To Using ChatGPT For Local SEO Success

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The Ultimate Guide To Using ChatGPT For Local SEO Success

The Ultimate Guide To Using ChatGPT For Local SEO Success

The Ultimate Guide To Using ChatGPT For Local SEO Success

As AI continues to advance, SEO strategies must adapt and evolve accordingly. Incorporating AI-assisted technologies like ChatGPT can aid in several SEO tasks, but it is important to acknowledge that these tools should not be relied upon completely without oversight. While they can help perform certain tasks effectively and efficiently, maximising their potential requires a valuable marketing and SEO skillset. 

Although ChatGPT is not primarily designed for local SEO tasks, it can still be surprisingly useful. Many digital marketing agencies in Singapore have integrated ChatGPT into their SEO services, boosting workflow efficiency. This post will explore how ChatGPT can assist in four key areas of local SEO.

1. Google Business Profile

Wondering what is a Google Business Profile (GBP)? A Google Business Profile can help to attract more potential customers. With the help of ChatGPT, you can enhance your GBP by implementing the following tips:

Google Business Profile categories

Firstly, when creating a GBP, you need to select a category that will help your business appear on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs). As of 2023, there are over 4,000 categories to choose from. You should select one primary category and up to nine additional categories. The primary category is the main algorithmic consideration that helps determine your ranking in search results.

To get ahead of your competition, you can look at what they are doing. For example, ChatGPT can suggest a list of cheese shops in Singapore. This list can help you identify potential competitors who specialise in artisanal cheeses.

Using ChatGPT to perform competitor analysis

You can also find out the GBP categories they are listed in. However, it is important to note that these suggestions may not be 100% accurate since they are not designed for local SEO. Therefore, you should not solely rely on them, especially for tasks that require a high level of precision and accuracy. ChatGPT is a great way to start your research, but it is not the final solution.

Using ChatGPT to find out the Google Business Profile categories of competitors

In addition to helping you choose the best-suited categories, ChatGPT can suggest quality content for Google Posts, video ideas, product descriptions, and Q&A responses. 

2. Google reviews

Google reviews are critical components of local SEO that both consumers and Google rely on to determine a brand’s reliability. The more positive reviews your past customers leave, the higher the chances of attracting new customers to your business. In fact, Google recognises and promotes high-quality reviews.

ChatGPT can help improve your business by:

  • Creating email templates that encourage your customers to leave reviews.
  • Analysing the sentiment of your reviews and highlighting the best and worst ones.
  • Providing suggestions for appropriate responses to reviews.

3. Local on-page SEO

ChatGPT is an exceptional research assistant for writing that can assist you with various content tasks, including those that can be directly applied to on-page SEO for better local rankings. Some of these tasks include:

Topic ideation: ChatGPT serves as an excellent resource for generating content ideas.

Schema creation: ChatGPT can assist in creating a schema that is suitable for your specific requirements.

4. Local link building

Local citations and links are essential signals for local search rankings. There are various methods to generate high-quality backlinks to your page, and ChatGPT can assist your business by suggesting ideas for organisation sponsorships or competitions to join for specific awards. Additionally, you can use ChatGPT to discover top local information and news-related websites and the types of content they produce regarding local businesses.

By utilising this information, you can create content that revolves around those suggestions, which will provide you with an advantage when pitching for link-building opportunities. Furthermore, you can use ChatGPT to assist in drafting outreach emails as well!


Incorporating ChatGPT into your local SEO strategies is an excellent way to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts. However, relying solely on it does not guarantee maximum SEO results. It is crucial to always vet and edit the suggested content, ensuring adherence to healthy SEO practices and demonstrating E-E-A-T elements.

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