Top 3 SEO Myths

Updated on: 6 December 2013


Almost every other website owner or an online business owner knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their online marketing. However, as with almost every other thing there are some myths regarding SEO. Let’s bust them:

Myth # 1: More Sites, Better Visibility

The concept is not a new one. You create multiple sites with the same domain name ending with different top-level domains like .com, .net,, .sg, .biz and so on and sometime with different domain names and then link all of them back to your original site – the primary one. It sure sounds good but for a business that is big enough to afford the costs of managing multiple sites, uploading fresh content every now and then, tweaking the sites and so on. So, if you are a small business owner then spending all this money wouldn’t do any good to you and if you don’t then all those sites will be ‘dead’ in Google’s eyes. Therefore, more sites even with regional top-level domains or regional domain names wouldn’t get you better visibility.

Myth # 2: Google Plus Holds Everything

Many people are of view that when they create a page for their business on Google+ they would automatically get high rankings after sometime. We can say that, Google+ is Google’s darling but it doesn’t guarantee you any rankings when you sign up with them and start sharing a lot of stuff. It sure does play ‘some’ part, but there are lots of other factors that you have to consider in order to get better rankings.

In our view, Google+ is a must as it create a quality back link pointing to your site but it does not guarantee any top ranking.

Myth # 3: Higher the Reviews, More Chances of Winning

While online reviews can be helpful to get more traffic (high conversion) and better rankings – they are not everything. It’s not really a numbers game, where the one with the most reviews would take the winning cup. Sure, those stars look good to eyes and can have effects on the conversion rate but what major search engines like Google really look for are the reviews that you get from multiple, diverse, reliable sources over different time periods consistently from the similar industry as yours or people who are credible and so on. This can help you to get better rankings and conversion rate as compared to just getting lots of reviews in one month and then staying dry for the next two months.

These are top 3 SEO myths among many others that can clear some common misconceptions you might have regarding SEO and help you to improve your rankings accordingly.