Ways to improve SEO ranking

Updated on: 9 December 2013

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Getting a website designed nicely and putting it out there is just the first step in the internet world and having a website without any visitors is pretty much a ‘dead’ website. Therefore, you need real visitors who know about your website, like it and keep coming back to it. To achieve this you have to be on the front-page which means on the top or at-least somewhere near to that. This is where internet marketing techniques comes in handy.  Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO), is a type of internet marketing technique that helps to improve your search ranking and get decent traffic to your website. So, let’s how you can do that:

Focus on High Quality Content

If someone visits your website and it doesn’t provide any useful information then it is very likely that they won’t return to your site. Therefore, it is important to note that high quality content is one of the major ways to improve your SEO rankings and get more visitors. If you are wondering what are the attributes of high quality content then here are some major things to consider when writing/publishing content on your site:

  • Relevancy – If your website is about personal finance and you are posting content related to weight loss then the users landing on your site for personal finance related articles would find that irrelevant and awkward. It would certainly leave a bad impression and they won’t come back. So, make sure that all the content on your site is related to your website’s niche/theme.
  • Keywords – Those terms which are used frequently by users on search engines. Once you have deiced your site’s niche, you have to conduct a keyword research and choose appropriate keywords. Later, use them all over your site in a natural flow, don’t just stuff them in every other line of a webpage.
  • Interesting and Useful –Make sure the content is interesting and useful. Don’t write something that lost its value a few years ago and isn’t useful to your current readers. Follow latest trends and write content from which readers can benefit.
  • Format – Writing high quality content is one thing but its format makes it look good to eyes at first instance. Therefore, don’t ignore proper spacing, italics, bolds and using proper title and heading tags where necessary.

Update Your Site Frequently

To keep it interesting for your users, make sure your site is updated on a regular basis. Whether, it’s the content, user-interface and/or any technical glitches. It’s important that your website always functions properly and stays up to date.


Backlinks are as important as the skeleton in the human body and are an extremely important part to improve your SEO ranking. They are links from another site to your site and are counted as ‘votes’ to your site’s high quality. However, make sure you get backlinks from sites with high PageRank and better rankings not the spam sites.

Social Media

With more than 1.19 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, you cannot simply ignore the importance of social media. Therefore, it’s important that you are present on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest etc. to get traffic and improve your SEO ranking when your content is liked, shared, +1’d, tweeted or pinned on these social networks.

The above mentioned four ways are a great source of improving your SEO ranking and can reveal great results, provided they are used to their full potential.