Social Media links

Updated on: 11 December 2013


The way social media has entered into everyone’s lives, it certainly is one of the most important part of off-page SEO and must not be underestimated. But what really is this ‘social media’ related to online marketing? It’s just where people ‘talk’ and then get heard by dozens or even hundreds and the word keeps spreading. It’s our old traditional word-of-mouth marketing but this time it’s back on the internet and spreads as well as gets very quick responses. It is one of the most effective ways for anyone to get in touch with those people who are interested in buying their products/services, following their teachings, learning from them and so on.

Social Media Explained

So, it can be said that social media is the technology that connects different people around the world to talk and share their views regarding anything from personal to general. Where it’s done? On Social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter and many other domestic ones as well and the process of discovering, sharing and attracting customers to our products and services is called Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Potential Customers on Social Media

Facebook alone has approximately 1.1 billion users, which tells us that there are lots of potential customers for your business’ products/services – all you have to do is to reach out to those people and convey your message somehow. SMM sure is a very effective and powerful way to get more and more business, but if anything goes even slightly wrong the word spreads like fire in the forest. So, you have to be very careful in what, when, where and how you promote.

Targeted Approach

With the passage of time Social Networks have also evolved and improved to help out the businesses or any other entities that want to spread their message but to only those people who would be interested in your business’ products and services. This helps you to save time and target only the audience that is actually your audience. Therefore, your SMM strategy can be quite effective and those people who visit your site would be mostly interested in buying your products or availing your services. This will increase your conversion rates, as most of the leads will convert into sales.

Free, Quick and Easy

Well, up till now we have established that social networks are free to use, the news spread very quickly there and since they are easy to use almost every other person can be found on most of the popular social platforms. So, if your content is great and one person likes it, shares it and then few others do the same it will keep spreading providing you good traffic to your site. Moreover, these likes or shares on such social networks are also considered as ‘votes of confident’ towards your site. Therefore, search engines use them to rank sites and the social networks are going to play much more important role in future to rank the sites.

These are major reasons why social media links are quite important for your site’s promotion and why SMM shouldn’t be ignored.