5 Recommended Off-Page SEO Techniques

Updated on: 27 November 2013

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If you consider your website to be all set and ready with only On-Page SEO techniques applied to it, you need to do some rethinking. Your website is not equipped to face online challenges if it is not optimized off page as well. On page SEO and off page SEO are two powerful internet marketing strategies to optimize your site for search engines and one without the other does not produce results. While the effects of on page SEO are visible in your site, off page SEO works off stage to turn the focus lights on your site.

Off Page SEO Explained 

In its true essence, off-page SEO is pretty much about building links to your site. But why is it so important to get back-links for your site even if you have a catchy domain name, attractive design and high quality content? According to major search engine giants like Google these back-links are taken as ‘votes’ for your site’s quality and can prove helpful in improving a site’s rankings.

In other words, if any website links to your site then it is seen as vouching for your site because of its helpful content (or nature). The more the links the better it is but it’s important that you get links from different sites rather than just one site and what more important is that the site that links to you has almost same or higher PageRank and better reputation than your site. It is also important that you get backlinks from relevant websites, meaning they have the same niche as your website.

While on page SEO shows off your site’s strength when the search engines and viewers visit it, off page SEO works at various platforms to let your site be spoken about everywhere other than in your site. This attracts the search engines more as it shows that the representation and recommendation are not from you and it is someone else extolling the quality of your site.

The aim of off page SEO techniques is to make your site be mentioned in sites that are relevant to your content. This will inspire search engines as the quality of your website is gauged by how well it is being talked about.

Here are the top 5 recommended off page SEO techniques that improve your site’s visibility and increase traffic to your site.


1) Social Media – Turn The Focus Lights On

Presence in social media can never be under estimated. The popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ need no mention. You can create brand awareness by contributing actively in popular social media websites. You build your credibility by being present where people gather and by addressing their concerns on a public platform. Your genuine participation reflects on the ethics of your business and helps you to win over the hearts of customers. Moreover social media allow you to add a extremely high quality back link back to your website. 

2) Social Bookmarking – Stamp Your Presence

Yet another successful off page SEO strategy is to bookmark your posts. Make great posts and bookmark each one of them for quicker and quality results. Some of the popular bookmarking sites include Reddit, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Find as many leading sites as you can and bookmark every post you make. Make use of the tags effectively and keeping in line with the bookmarks you have chosen. Since bookmarks have fresh content to offer, search engines crawl to them and if you are there, you are sure to improve your ranking.

3) Forum Posting – Make Your Presence Felt, Everywhere

Ever since Internet started playing a major role in the purchase and sale of commodities, we find people sharing their views on various products and services. Forums offer a platform for such communication and many a time, you will find forum educating a viewer more than the website. Participants in a forum relate their experience and hence buyers love to read what forums have to say. Along with your contribution leave your link too so that viewers will reach for your website through the link.

4) Blogging attract links

The best way to represent your website and establish your online presence is through blogging. You have a great website and you have wonderful images of your products to tempt the visitors into accepting the deal. You have in depth knowledge about your products, which is evident from the content in your website. If you believe that with awesome website and quality content, you can afford to sit back looking for results to come in, then you have missed a point there. You need someone to popularize your website and make prospective customers learn about your site and its offers. Blogging does this for you in style. It represents your site. The advantage of setting up a blog is that you can add contents to your blog regularly and use it as a medium to promote whatever offers you plan to launch. You have limitations where website is concerned, as website content is static. Blogs give you the freedom to post, and if your followers love your posts, he or she will share via social media or blogs and this will also create a link back to your website.

5) Blog Commenting – Wise Comments Go A Long Way

One of the successful off page SEO techniques is to comments on others’ blogs. Have a list of blogs (and ensure that the list grows so that you are updated) that are related to your content and your products and start making comments on them. Assuming you are in a software industry, look for blogs that talk about software and anything related to it and choose a widely read topic to make your comments. The simple rule in blog commenting is that it should be useful to the end user. If you give a suggestion or a solution that makes an interesting and useful read, you will find visitors trusting you enough to visit your site through the link you had added with the comment on blogs. If you are persistent and ensure that you post comments in a few blogs every day, you will soon find results pouring in.

There are still a lot more off page SEO techniques such as directory submissions and Q&A sites that will help you in building an online empire. Begin with the top 5 and as you accelerate your speed with a display of expertise, take on more routes and be assured, all roads lead to Rome and that would be the top spot in search engine pages.