What is White Hat SEO?

Updated on: 29 November 2013


If you have an online presence, you will naturally want to be in the first page of search engines. It is a well-known fact that the first page enjoys maximum visits and the site at the top spot is in the most enviable position attracting over 50% of the visits. Search engine optimization techniques take you to the top. SEO techniques are classified as White hat SEO, the approved tactics and Black hat SEO, the unethical practices.

Understanding White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO refers to organic practices that make your website reach the enviable spot in the search engine results. Abiding by the regulations set by search engines, the techniques you use to improve the performance of your site are called White Hat SEO techniques. Let us see what such tactics can do to your business.

1) Quality Content Reigns Supreme

The importance you attach to quality content tilts the balance in your favor. In online business, it is very difficult to determine the strength of your competitors and how they will go about updating their arsenal in the fight to succeed. To be equipped, the most effective way is to produce quality content as the viewers are drawn towards content that are informative and interesting. Your content is the visiting card to success. When you write down content, ensure that it offers value to end users. The rule is simple – if your viewers gain by visiting your site, you gain and if they lose, you lose.

2) Crowd-Puller Keywords

Having the right keywords at the appropriate places will optimize your site for search engines. You get targeted audience if you choose your keywords well. Ensure that you use them well to reach targeted audience. Include keyword in the title. If you are aiming a 500-word article, use keyword not more than thrice. If you are going for an article of over 1000 words, you may have the keyword used a couple of more times. Whatever the article size, ensure that you use keyword synonyms as well so that you can widen your reach.

3) Internal Links Build Your Site

Promoting your strengths is essential if you want to lead. Internal linking is the way to go if your focus is on the top spot. Identify the most popular pages in your website, which naturally are the profitable pages as well and link your contents in other pages to these pages as much as possible. This way, you draw more viewers to other pages of your site. Having sidebars that highlight the important pages of your content will help viewers to reach the pages of their choice easily. This is another way of internal linking that has proved successful. Beside internal links, please also build quality back links on your site.

4) Guest Blogs Improve Your Visibility And Credibility

Guest blogging is one of the successful techniques of white hat SEO. Choose relevant industries to your site and make guest posts. Since you backlink the post to your site, you can attract more visits. To ensure that the readers visit your site, your guest posting should be of high standard with unique and useful information. Your writing style has to be interesting and make the audience want to hear more from you.

5) Killer Titles Gain More Attention

Titles have the power to bring in visitors. Your title should be suggestive of what the article has to say and yet at the same time, it should not give out the solution. It should make the readers curious, wanting them to know what you have to say. Titles not only represent your content but also represent your website as you are instantly judged by the title.

White hat SEO techniques take you to the top pages of search engines; however, you may have to wait until they make it happen. Set realistic goals and work towards reaching them using ethical practices. Ensure that the readers who trust your site are benefited at the end of the day and they will ensure your online marketing success.