Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

Updated on: 17 July 2013


This video discusses the truth about the alleged using of data from social sites in ranking signals by Google. Matt Cutts confirms that what Danny Sullivan had written in his recent article is true. He confirmed and admitted that Google uses Twitter and Facebook links as a ranking signal. However, he added that they are also figure out and consider the reputation or creator on Twitter and Facebook. In May 2010, Matt Cutts published a video saying that Google is not using these social media sites links as a gauge for determining rank. The date of the current video is already December 2010 and he now confirms that Google is indeed using these social media sites to rank their signals. The rather late admission was due to the fact that Google’s web search quality teams have a lot of different groups and offices. Using social media sites had been in used in real time sort of search, long before the actual utilisation of these social media links in ranking signals.

This video highlights the following:

  1. If Google cannot crawl a page or see it, they would not be able to assign a page rank to it and it will not really count. If a page is forbidden for Google to crawl on, that would be something that cannot be used in their rankings. However, this is something that is lightly used for now and they will still have to see how robust it would end up being.
  2. If Google is able to obtain the data, then that is the time they can use it in their ranking.
  3. It is not the number but the quality of links that counts. You should know which followers who mean quality. This means that you should be able to determine who the real people are and who are simply bots or software programs that follow you.
  4. Page rank depends on the number of links as well as the quality of those links.

To achieve better ranking and master internet marketing you should:

  1. Do not just place any links in your page without bothering to ascertain whether these links are quality followers or simply bots or software programs.
  2. Do not deluge your page with several hundreds of links. You should remember that to obtain the page’ page rank, you need to divide by the out degree.
  3. Use good social media sites to increase your ranking. Optimise your links on these sites to get the most out of this endeavour.