Top 5 ways to get more YouTube views

Updated on: 12 September 2015

Nothing beats the feeling of creating a viral video. It’s a desire and an accomplishment that many people relish. Research has shown that many companies has adopted video marketing as part of online marketing strategy. Creating YouTube videos takes time and effort and as such, attracting as many views as possible is the most rewarding thing. However, this is not always the case and this can lead to feelings of disappointments. The truth of the matter is that YouTube videos that tend to attract the most viewership are those that offer useful content, are entertaining, instructive, properly optimized and funny to some extent. But what is it that you can do to make your YouTube videos attract more viewers and improve your business visibility online?

Optimize your YouTube video titles

Apart from your title being relevant to the video you are posting and catchy, it needs to be search engine optimized (SEO) around your target keywords. Keywords make it easy for your video to be found when someone makes a search online or through the YouTube site. Your title should be properly optimized by creating a short, relevant and catchy title.

Videos description should be optimized too

A videos description is like a glimpse of what your video is all about. It gives a person a brief overview of what the video is all about and plays a very important role in helping a prospective viewer decide whether they will click on the video or not. Your description should be optimized with your target keywords sparingly as well as include a link to your website in which viewers can click and learn more about your business.

Video tags optimization

Your YouTube video should essentially be optimized for both the YouTube site as well as the Google search engine. Billions of people make searches through Google and it would be suicidal if you failed to take advantage of this fact by failing to properly optimizing your video tags. If you have no clue on what tags to use, you can always make use of suggested tags.

Post videos often and ask viewers to subscribe

Creating a YouTube channel and then posting one video is in no way going to get you the much needed views. You should form a habit of creating and posting new videos every now and then. Your viewership is very much hinged on the number of subscribers to your channel. This cannot be possible if you only have one video on your channel. As such, create as many videos as possible and remember not to forget to ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Promote your videos through social media

Viral videos are so because of the power of social media. The fact that they are shared and re-shared on various social media platforms is what makes them viral. As such, purpose to share your YouTube on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + many more. Tell your friends and even family about your new video and encourage them to share.

With the above tips, you can be rest assured that you will be able to attract the much needed viewers. However, always work on developing connections through encouraging people to subscribe to your channel.