What is Google “disavow tool” and what does it do?

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What is Google “disavow tool” and what does it do?

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Search engine optimization is a valuable step to ensure that you have visibility in major search engines when Internet users have query regarding your website’s offers. Google recently launch “disavow tool” which help webmasters to clean up their website’s backlinks if they engaged in negative SEO.

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“Should webmasters utilize the disavowal tool despite the belief that no penalty is applicable? For instance, if there is an attempt for “Negative SEO” or spammed sites being contacted have not responded and removed the links.”

What is Google “disavow tool” and what does it do?

Firstly, let us better understand “disavow tool” from Google.

Google’s disavow tool allows publishers to tell Google that they don’t want certain links from external sites to be considered as part of Google’s system of counting links to rank web sites. Disavow tool helps to clean up all the spammy backlinks that are linked to your website.

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Google Webmasters answered the following query in relation with the disavowal tool for effective SEO.

  • The primary function of the disavowal tool is when you (or when you hired third party SEO provider) messed things up in your website such as buying backlinks to point to your website. You will need to clean up by “breaking” these spam links pointing to your website.
  • The disavowal tool is necessary if you need to clean up your site and you need to remove the spammed links in it but for some reason, you cannot take them all down one by one from the origin websites.
  • A disavowal tool is likewise a very useful and effective tool in cases when an unknown virtual bot would send tons of links to your site thus making it suspicious and spammed.
  • A disavowal tool is important for your peace of mind. If for instance you get extremely worried that certain back links could lower your site ranking algorithm or you may get a spam report from Google because of these links, you can go ahead and disavow those links.

In order to improve your online marketing campaign, you should:

  • Never engaged in paid links (or link exchange scheme) as this violates Google’s guideline!
  • Build your backlinks through reputable websites especially from social media channel.
  • Make sure of Google’s disavowal tool in cleaning up your website or page in order to get rid of spammed links and other suspicious backlinks if any.

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