Negative SEO

Updated on: 26 September 2013

YouTube video

Internet icon Matt Cutts discussed about the Negative SEO and how to fight this activity. He also asserted the efforts of Google in improving their algorithms and service to be resistant and robust to such practice as much as possible. In fact, Google developed the Disavow links tool to help the webmasters in disowning the links by reporting the same to the web spam team. Moreover, he enumerates its features and how easily it is to be used. He expressed the probability of getting attacked through negative SEO on small businesses and regular webmasters with much less competition and suggested that negative SEO is not something that web owners should be scared of.

The video highlight the following points:

  1. Google tries their best to develop algorithms to be resistant of Negative SEOs.
  2. Negative SEO is technique used by webmasters of linking a websites to make that specific site rank lower. Most of the time, these sites are the competitor of the webmaster doing the negative SEO.
  3. Small businesses and regular webmasters have no reason to worry about negative SEO because most of the time, large businesses’ and popular persons’ website are the victims of this activity. It is highly unlikely that these entities will be victims of the same.
  4. Negative SEO is not rampant as only few people are talking about it while some had actually tried with few succeeding.
  5. Disavow links is a tool developed by Google for webmasters to submit a report to the company, in text file, that they want a certain link in their site to be ignored therefore disowning that link. This tool allowed the webmasters to protect their sites from attacks of negative SEO.

In order to achieve SEO better ranking, you should:

  1. Always check for the bad links in your websites like those coming from porn sites and other junk sites around the web.
  2. Get rid of bad links in your websites using the Disavow links tool. It is most ideal to submit a report in a .txt format and report the domain of the link and not the individual links. These sites feed bad information attached with bad reputation that Google does not tolerate.


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