When will Google Stop Updating Its Search Results?

Updated on: 31 October 2014

YouTube video

If you have been using the Internet and visiting websites for some time, you would notice that search engine like Google tend to produce different search results from time to time. This may not affect you if you are online just to read and get basic information. However, the ever-changing search results may affect the rankings of many companies who manage, own or maintain websites for their business. Many Internet marketing companies are asking when and if Google will stop changing their algorithm on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Video Highlights:

  • The answer to the question: When will Google stop updating its search results? Is NEVER! Google will always be changing things up depending as deemed necessary.
  • Google is always on the lookout for new search trends and behaviors on how people search. This means that they monitor how people post their searches on this search engine – if they are using more of a phrase, conversational sentences or a single word kind of query.
  • Change is a great way to prepare for harder queries from people. Google will always change or update its search results to make sure that they bring the best search results to deal with the constant evolution of searches and questions that people ask.
  • Matt Cutts also highlight that techniques used by spammers to spread non-sense pages are also evolving in a really speedy manner. This is why Google needs to adapt to change and update their search results.

In order get better SEO rankings, you should:

  • Follow Google Webmaster update closely. Always be updated with the latest changes of Google’s algorithm.
  • Practice the One Subject, One Page policy. This means that a page should not have more than one subject so as not to confuse the search engine.
  • Build strong SEO foundation: Quality content and Quality backlinks.