5 tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a successful online business

Updated on: 9 June 2015


We often see a lot of businesses nowadays which open up only to pull their shutters down permanently after a few months of struggle costing money, time and effort. Nevertheless, there are a handful of entrepreneurs who have reached the pinnacle of success after launching businesses in the 21st century. Here are the top 5 tips to start a successful online business:

Match the needs of modern times

Modern times beg the use of innovative and useful ideas; most of which comes from the technological arena, but even if your business has nothing to do with technology, you must ensure that your business has an online footprint. Most people spend a lot of time on the internet nowadays and thus, even if your business has no opportunities to make any kind of exchanges on the internet, you can always use ways such as pay per click marketing and social media marketing to harness more customers for your business. Certain online businesses are doing better than many conventional businesses nowadays and that’s one path that you can certainly opt to follow.

A well developed SEO optimized website

For the ones who conduct online businesses, it is absolutely imperative for you to make sure that your website has been optimize. If you are an entrepreneur whose business has nothing to do with the Internet, you should hire a professional web developer and make sure that your business has an attractive and user friendly website with useful content. Also, make sure that you SEO your website. If your website is search engine optimized, more people will visit your website from search engines and you will get more customers.

Take calculated risks

This is one of the most vital factors that separate the best of entrepreneurs from the poorest ones; successful entrepreneurs know how to take risks based upon logical estimations and deductions which in turn, opens up numerous doors to success for them. As a potential entrepreneur, you need to know how to take calculated risks to build your own business and to do that, you must be an individual who’s always updated about everything pertaining to your arena of business, has an extensive entrepreneur network and a bit of experience as well. Social Media platforms aren’t only brilliant for the marketing benefits it provides the modern day entrepreneur with, but if you are smart enough, you can build a business network and remain updated about the different aspects of your business as well!

Don’t stop innovating

Follow the example set by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook who still continues to make Facebook a better, more user friendly, and up-to-date website while matching the needs and requirements of the monumental amount of users that the website has. Aspiring entrepreneurs should take this into account when conducting business in their respective startups. Make sure that you keep refurbishing, renovating, and improving your products and services whether you run an online business or a real life one.

Try out different forms of Internet marketing

Let’s be honest over here, conventional marketing techniques just do not have much effect to impact the minds of the mass anymore. People have become choosier nowadays and with all the competition lying around, those vague forms of advertisements just do not cut it anymore! And Internet marketing has become the answer to countless entrepreneurs around the world. Different forms of internet marketing such as social media marketing, email marketing or even Wechat marketing have revolutionised the marketing industry and have become one of the most vital factors to separate out the successful entrepreneurs from the failing ones.