6 mistakes mobile app marketers must avoid!

Updated on: 23 November 2017

When Google reported that over 50% searches come from mobile devices about a year ago, every digital marketer has leveraged marketing efforts to capture the large consumer segments. From mobile-optimized segments to faster loading speeds, nothing is left behind. Even after trying so much, many people are still reporting suboptimal performance of their websites. The chances are you are performing at least 1 of the following 6 mistakes.

Poor utilization of ASO (App Store Optimization)

To raise your visibility, it is important to enhance visibility in the App Stores through ASO. ASO operates like SEO in many aspects but mainly relies on the following four criteria to rank an app;

  • Downloads of your mobile app
  • Retention (access and use of your app)
  • Average customer rating
  • Number of reviews

To improve on your ASO it is important to use proper descriptions, tags, and even take your online marketing effort to other platforms such as social media. This will increase downloads and installation that help to raise your ranking. Besides, you should get reviews from experts and clients to demonstrate the app’s effectiveness.

Using the wrong tracking solution

Not integrating an appropriate tracking solution is a very terrible mistake. It will be difficult to tell the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, identify errors, or come up with a good method of improvement. The best tracking solution should be comprehensive in bringing all the data to help you make the right decision. You should particularly check for apps that can handle large volumes of data even during peak periods.

Not optimizing the apps for mobile environment

Many are the times when app developers keep a lot of focus on what an app does and fail to factor the operational environment. To ensure that your app is ideal for the mobile environment, it is important to adapt all formats, content, and compelling call-to-action. This ensures that the screen is ideal for advertisers and has an appropriate stretching capability.

Failing to utilize other marketing channels for your app

Once the app has been launched, some owners make the mistake of thinking that it will automatically sell. Just like other products, it should be marketed in diverse channels including social media and search engine marketing strategies to inform and persuade more people to access and download. Ensure to use affiliate marketers, organize for webinars, and freebies to clients who access the download. No effort should be spared to market the app.

Focusing solely on installation and global statistics

More often than not, mobile apps marketers tend to keep a focus on apps installations and forget other important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The impact of this is a wrong interpretation of clients’ behaviour that can compromise ROI (Return On Investment). The performance of your app marketing should be based on the type of device it is being used on, operating system, geographic region, and retention among others.

Not running A/B split testing

A/B split testing is a great way to pre-test your content, the apps, CTA (click to action) buttons, and anything else that you are presenting to clients. Do not simply trust your minds about the best landing page. Make several of them and a/b split test them to know what is more appealing to the clients.