Beginner’s SEO Practices

Updated on: 21 January 2014


You might have heard a lot about SEO and being new to internet marketing town you might be lost wondering what is this SEO and why all the fuss? Well, sit tight as this article will not only tell you what SEO is but you will also be able to familiarize yourself with beginner’s SEO practices, so that you can do some of the basic stuff yourself. So, let’s begin by quickly telling you about SEO.

Intro to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a practice that involves various techniques to improve search engine rankings of your or your client’s website. Although SEO looks simple it is quite a complex set of techniques to achieve the desired Internet marketing goals. Forming up an SEO strategy focuses on:

Since we are only doing beginner’s SEO practices, we will only focus on general SEO approach in this article. But we’ll let you know what On-Page and Off-Page SEO is all about. On-Page SEO deals with all the things that can be done on the website (being optimized) to improve the prospects whereas Off-page deals with techniques that are applied outside the website such as link building, social media presence etc.

General SEO Approach

This would include some basic stuff about SEO and what you can do, to do it yourself. In the end, SEO pretty much boils down to marketing – but more like online marketing. Beginner’s SEO practice should include:

  • Developing an SEO friendly Site
  • Keyword Research

Keyword Research

It is the foundation of any SEO strategy and must not be delayed or ignored in any way. So, every webmaster out there would love to get their site ranked # 1, but rank for what? SEO’s foundation are the keywords, those specific terms for which users search and for them your site should come at the top rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Well, that’s pretty much the plan. For instance, your business is about selling flowers then you should target keywords like “florist”, “florist singapore”, “flower deliver singapore” etc. Why? Well, if you conduct a keyword research before hand, you will know that these keywords are most searched for online.

On-Page SEO

Using the keywords that you’re targeting, you can work on on-page SEO. It means using those terms in your content, blog articles, any latest news, titles, Meta description of the content, ALT text for images and so on. These are the basic On-Page SEO techniques that you can do yourself.

Off-Page SEO: Social Media Presence

Creating pages on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. is quite an easy thing to do. So, obviously you can handle that and slowly start building your presence on social media as it’s surely the next big thing. Share your site’s content, new offers, new products etc. on social media to spread the world quickly and get as many followers as possible. It’s a whole different dimension, so you will need a proper Social Media Marketing strategy as well.

So, these are the beginner’s SEO practices that you can handle provided you’re willing to put in some effort and quite some time.