Do multiple links from one page to another page count?

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Do multiple links from one page to another page count?

YouTube video

This video discusses the merits of multiple links from one page to another.  Matt Cutts points out that several links from one page to another (i.e. page A to page B) as well as self-loop links (i.e. page A to A) actually counts. Both techniques work as far as Google is concern when it comes to page rank sculpting.  Google still complies with the original formulation of obtaining page rank as far as links are concern. That is, you take the number of incoming links and deduct the outgoing links from it to obtain the page rank. However, Matt Cutts stresses that website owners should not worry themselves too much about acquiring page rank through this technique since it is usually beyond your control and entails several other facts other than building links.

This video highlights the following:

Page sculpting should not be your primary worry if you want to attain a higher page rank. You should not spend too much time and effort on this endeavor if you want to increase your page rank. You should rather focus on making your content compelling, interesting and of value to your potential clients.  What really works most of the time is pure compelling content that would make potential clients come back to your site repeatedly or buy your products. Your page rank does not rest alone on links and optimization. Several other factors that influence your page rank are usually beyond your scope of control.

How to increase your SEO page rank:

  1. Instead of worrying about how to attain a better page rank and where to place your links, you should work on what you have and enhanced or revised it. For instance, if you have important pages in your site, you should not bury it deep within 15 or more links. It would be to your advantage if you escalate such pages to make them visible and possibly stand out.
  2. You can adopt measures to make your page compelling and interesting. For instance you might place a logo in your site that when clicked will lead the user to the root page. It would be to your advantage if you will make your site user-friendly and navigational even for neophyte Internet users. Persuasive pages or content should be on the front, easily seen and read.