SEO misconceptions

Updated on: 25 June 2013

YouTube video

The video talks about the different misconceptions people have about the SEO industry and the actual truth behind them.

The video highlights the following points:

1. Major Difference between Data Refresh and Algorithm Update

In the video, algorithm update is defined as the process of making some changes in your website’s algorithm. When these updates are made, the signals that you are presently using as well as the manner through which you measure these signals can also change fundamentally. Data refresh, on the other hand, states that the manner through which you run your computer program stays the same. The difference is that new and different incoming data are being added and the data that are used by the algorithm will also need to be refreshed.

2. Google Intends to Just Increase their Revenue by Introducing Panda and Penguin

Many people in the SEO industry tend to accuse Google of just trying to increase their income after Panda and Penguin were introduced online. This is not actually true, based on the video, considering the decrease in revenue stated in the quarterly statements created for Panda. This means that the idea that Google try to make some changes by introducing Panda and Penguin to earn more are just pure misconceptions.

3. Google, Penguin and Panda Focus More on Capturing the Loyalty of Users

This is made possible by continuously advising SEO professionals and requiring them to follow certain strict guidelines that can help improve the user experience. Google, Penguin and Panda try to focus their attention on how they can capture the loyalty of users instead of just acquiring short-term revenue. Administrators of these major search engines even believe that getting more loyal users (users that tend to come back to gather more information about the topics that they want to search) is more beneficial than acquiring revenue that can only last for the short-term. This also debunks the misconception stating the Google is only trying to generate more and more profits from making a few changes on how they operate.

4. Is Link Building Important?

This is another topic clearly tackled in the video. Most website owners who wish to optimize their pages try to focus their attention on how they could build more links instead of focusing on the more important stuffs. The truth behind this is that while link building is important, creating more compelling pages that can market well is more essential. It would be best if SEO professionals and website owners will first focus on how they can establish more compelling pages that appeal to larger user base including those that are part of social media.