Should I be worried if a couple of sites that I don’t want to be associated with are linking to me?

Updated on: 11 January 2015

YouTube video

Website owners may find unknown websites linking to them. This may also affects their overall SEO rankings.

Video Question

The recent Internet Marketing video from Matt Cutts, Google’s Web spam search head, provided a no nonsense response to this question:

“Recently I found two porn websites linking to my site. I disavow those links and wrote to admins asking them to remove these links but…what can I do if someone, (my competition), is trying to harm me with bad back links?”

Highlights of the Video

  • Matt Cutts highlight that it would really help if you reach out to the owners and administrators of these websites to inform them to remove all unknown links.
  • If the owners are not responsive, immediately disavow these links.
  • You can also disavow the site even on a domain level and everything that is related or linked to that particular site will be completely separated from your site. (Example: disavow domain:
  • Matt Cutts also mentioned that as long as you have properly reached out to the site managers or have done a proper disavow, your site is completely safe.

In order to get higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings, you should:

  • Check the back links that are linking to your website. May sure they are related to your website.
  • If there are unknown websites linking to you, email these website owners for removal. If they are unresponsive, proceed to disavow these links.
  • Always build links via the Google recommended ways.