Technical SEO: Why You Need To Go Beyond Just Enough

Updated on: 26 December 2019

Technical SEO: Why You Need To Go Beyond Just Enough

Without a strong backbone, no website will be able to stand and that backbone is, of course, technical SEO. Technical SEO refers to the optimization process for the indexing and crawling phase of your site. It’s the website’s foundation, and without it, everything else will fall apart. Through professional SEO, the website can be viewed, crawled, interpreted and indexed by search engines without any difficulties.

Onsite SEO is the process of making your search engine accessible on your website. Simply put, this means adjusting some components of your website to allow search engines to scan and comprehend your web site’s contents and architecture. The more information and data they can receive from your page, the higher your ranking prospects are in their list. If you are looking for a better understanding of SEO strategies, we recommend you to visit an SEO consultant in Singapore for further information.

Technical SEO Is Not Enough

It is termed “technical” as it has nothing to do with the website’s actual content or marketing of the site. Technical SEO’s main objective is to improve the website’s infrastructure.  A great website architecture must be included in any good SEO plan, but this alone isn’t enough to lift a site to page one. Even with the best design and pace of the website, sites that have no appropriate and reliable content are unable to reach their maximum potential.

Fresh Content is Critical (On-Site SEO)

New, frequently updated content boosts a website’s SEO and generates traffic while enhancing website credibility on search engines such as Google. Fresh content on brand new website pages lets a broader range of keywords reach the site. This enables websites to target their business with more long-tail key phrases and words. When it comes to external and internal links, fresh content pages will generate new links for your site. As such, backlinks for the optimisation of search engine are crucial.

New, stimulating content will introduce the page to new visitors and keep the old visitors coming. Advertising can draw visitors who might not have previously searched for your services or products but, they can be converted to consumers by carefully writing, retargeting, and optimizing conversion rates.

So, Which Is More Important?

While daily fresh content is important to your organic growth, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the entire technical SEO. In reality, the technical SEO should be viewed as your base. You won’t even be able to index your content in search engines without the basics, so consumers will never be able to locate the content and tools you’ve been working hard to produce. Your on-site SEO should be regarded as an assistant to the bulk of your content and the technological framework that you developed. You need to understand that technical SEO is essential to any marketing strategy and can act as a platform on which other strategies like your on-site SEO can flourish.


In summary, in order to boost your organic growth, you can not rely exclusively on technical SEO or on-site SEO. Those two approaches usually go hand in hand and the website will continue to fall back without the other. For example, if you have an abundance of excellent content on a slow site with poor infrastructure then a technical overhaul would undoubtedly benefit you. In this case, it is best to address these basic elements before taking advantage of your existing content and authority components.

If you have a beautiful website architecture but horrible content, it would be necessary to concentrate on improving your quality in order to get better traffic. With your already well-designed website, enhancing the content of your page would enhance your organic growth. This goes to show that neither one is more important than the other. If you want your organic growth to be strong and long-term, it will take a strong SEO strategy in which both technical SEO and on-site SEO are integrated. For individuals interested in search engine optimisation, we recommend you to take up SEO Course in Singapore!