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Article Marketing as an SEO strategy

YouTube video

This video tackles the subject on article marketing as a strategy of SEO and just how are the backlinks treated when other websites republish the same articles. The speaker declares that he is not a fan of article marketing. He does not see how such process would impact your sites in as much as you try to write an article wherein you try to include a link at the bottom or something similar to it. You then hope that a group of other people will try to put up copies or duplicates of the articles in their sites.

This video highlights the following:

  1. The sorts of sites that republish these types of articles are not the highest quality sites and the articles themselves are not the highest quality too.
  2.  In article marketing, someone will say you write x many words and someone will write x many words. Then you will end up with a lot of duplicate content across the web with similar anchor texts.
  3. There is not much editorial links where someone is really making a choice when it comes to article marketing. They create links for the simple reason of making that link and not because they are interested in the article or it provides them valuable information or they just plain love the site.
  4. The current trend and even forecasts are telling that people are not that fond of article marketing. They do not consider it as providing them with great value in terms of its content. It is an endeavour usually taken up by lazy people who want to maximize SEO through shortcuts. They are the type of people who might need 5 articles, obtain them in an article bank and slap the articles in their sites without further fuss.

To achieve better ranking you should:

  1. Instead of going for article marketing, you would do much better if you lean more towards great content that naturally has links. You should bear in mind that great compelling content generates more links.
  2. You will be doing your ranking a favor if you lean towards some good social media marketing that makes people link to it organically for the reason that they really love it.