How to Get Better visibility on Google

Updated on: 17 July 2013


The video shows the interview of USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham on Matt Cutt. The Google engineer mentioned common sense techniques on how to get on to the top of the list of the Google searches. He enumerated several internet marketing techniques from using keywords to what to do on the website overall. Moreover, he answered the questions about the myths about Google.

The video highlight the following points:

  1. Knowing the topics to be typed on the website is very important. In order to do this, the nature of its content must be identified based on what the people are thinking or what are the possible topics that they are going to search for.
  2. Title tags are essential in putting the page on the top of Google searches and the probability of the people to click it because they will be able to see what they are looking for in the title itself. This will establish the first impression on the website.
  3. Description tag is another way of increasing the website’s visibility because it will summarize the website as a whole and the people’s interest on clicking the website link will also be increased.
  4. The easiest and cheapest way to get links in the internet is through starting a blog. In fact, it can be done free and does not require being fancy. It is a way of sharing the interests with other persons with the same interest. It will help in increasing the popularity and a way of getting links.
  5. One of the biggest misconceptions about Google is that it requires payment for the website to be more visible when in fact it was done by the company for free. This is the same with the advertisements as people think that they needed to pay for these to get more visibility whereas they were ranked equally advertised or not.
  6. Google is very quick in getting websites contrary to the myth that it usually takes months before listing a website.

In order to achieve better SEO ranking you should:

  1. Type topics on the website which is based on what will other people search currently or what interests the people.
  2. Title tags shall be used on the website so that it can be located more easily by the people searching for that certain topics.
  3. Description tag shall also be used by the website owners to highlight what the website is all about and emphasize its legitimacy.
  4. If you do not have a website, start a blog. It’s easier and cheaper and does not require any complexities.