5 ways Google Analytics will help your website and marketing campaigns succeed


Google Analytics helps site owners and marketers analyze traffic to get a holistic picture of the audience as well as their needs. Google analytics further makes it possible to follow devices as well as people who visited your page. As an online marketer, Google Analytics should be your most important tool because it helps establish […]

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Quick fixes in mobile website performance

1 second latency affects your results.

This video provides factual information on quick fixes for better performances on mobile websites. Maile Ohye from Google Developers Tech Lead on Webmasters Support Team discusses this topic on this video. How does the site performance affect the profit? According to an experiment conducted by Google, 1 second additional latency on smartphone decreases site performance […]

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How can I tell if my website is affected by a particular algorithm?

Webmasters, without the required knowledge or information may get penalised based on Google’s algorithms. When you are affected, you may see your SEO ranking dropped. As a matter of fact, just this month, there have been a good number of webmasters or site owners which have been sent notices with regard to manual web spam. […]

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