Top 3 email marketing trends that you must keep pace with

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Top 3 email marketing trends that you must keep pace with

Top 3 email marketing trends that you must keep pace with

Email marketing keeps changing. Rarely does it remain stagnant or like you’re accustomed to over the years. Therefore, marketers have only one option – to evolve or be out of business. The need to evolve is strong considering that 97 percent of all emails reach their target market yet nobody opens or reads them. Consequently, this means that a large chunk of the emails used in marketing end up accomplishing nothing.

For the emails to achieve their marketing goals, make them as transactional as possible. This is because customers are eight times more likely to open transactional emails. More than 80 percent of all B2B and B2C companies today use email marketing. Many of the companies use the technology while others fail to achieve their desired results because of poor strategies. Statistics show that over 25% of all Fortune 500 companies had embraced email marketing automation.

This type of marketing has to be more adaptive. It’s important to customize the emails so that they address the needs of the customer. Being adaptive is all about giving the customer what he needs. The email has to contain quality content that the customer needs to improve his life or business from today. Marketing has to adapt to the changes taking place by the day. The three trends that you should remember are:


This trend involves dividing the email list into several sections. You could base the sections on demography. You could also base the sections on the actual point of purchasing where the customer is at. However, it’s common for the basis of dividing the list into several sections to be the size of the business, gender, and age. Furthermore, you could also use segmentation tools to make your work easier. Such tools contain multiple options for advanced segmentation.

Some of the advanced options that you get from the segmentation tools include:

  • Purchase history
  • Acquisition channel
  • Geolocation
  • Engagement level


Under personalization, your goal involves preparing and sending emails that talk about everything that is unique about the person you’re forwarding to or your customer. Personalized emails are great for marketing because they tell the customer that you’re interested in them. What is more, transaction rates increase substantially through personalized emails. The emails also increase revenue by as much as 6 times compared to what non-personalized emails can do.

Don’t forget that a personalized email has the customer’s name.


Customized emails are different from the personalized ones. Customized emails must feature a company logo as well as other designs that make them different from other types. Customizing an email is all about making it stand out. A customized email can include relevant high-quality images and distinct color schemes. Customized emails must include unique brand voice. Including discount coupons is a unique way of customizing emails.

Therefore, you ought to learn to adapt with email marketing. Your business needs you to adapt for it to succeed. The world of email marketing is dynamic and keeps changing all the time. You should remember that the success of email marketing depends on segmenting, personalizing and customizing the emails before sending them to your customers.

Embrace these online marketing trends today and see your email marketing strategy bear fruit.