4 strategies to make video marketing work for you in 2017

Updated on: 12 March 2017

The emergence of video marketing as a preferred model of reaching and persuading clients to buy products/services has made experts predict its continued dominance in the market in 2017. However, a large number of traders consider video marketing to be rather technical and, therefore, never managed to exploit its full potential. As video marketing takes root in 2017, here are some crucial strategies that will make it work for you.

Ensuring to focus on non-visual components of the video

Notably, because ranking bots cannot watch the video, they rely on the text you post together with the video. More people searching for your content will only get access to the video if you include the right textual details. In the titles, descriptions, and other sections where text can be created, you have to ensure that clients get short and precise details of the product being marketed n the video. Consider making the titles of the videos like those of blogs and descriptions short but all-inclusive.

Make user engagement the priority in every video

When search engines rank videos, one of the first few components that they use is engagement rate. The length of time that every viewer will take on your video will determine their interest, connection, satisfaction, and level of conversion. For example, if your video of 5 minutes has an engagement rate of 50% and a different 2 minutes video has 50% engagement rate; the former will be ranked higher. Make sure to carefully review changes on search engine algorithms (also known as SEO) on engagement for assurance of top ranking at all times.

Post the video in different locations

For your video marketing campaign to be successful, make sure to post the videos in multiple locations. Many are the times when people post their videos on the home page alone and wait for results. However, you will get more results by taking the video where clients are so that they can access it. For example, you should take the videos to social media, share with affiliate marketers, add to the landing page, and your blog. You will drive more traffic and convention by including the video in different marketing platforms.

Always include a persuasive call-to-action

When many people watch your video, they will easily take the anticipated action if there is a persuasive call to action. Even if the video is so engaging, lacking a call-to-action is likely to leave potential clients hanging. By positioning the call to action at the end of the video, the target client will be encouraged to buy the item/service in order to enjoy the benefits he/has just seen. In many cases, you will get more conversion if the call to action is attached to a freebie. For example, ask clients to sign up to your mailing list to get a free eBook or call the audience to buy a product and enjoy free shipping. This will make the entire video more appealing and successful because clients will take immediate action to get higher value for money.