How can I make sure that Google knows my content is original?

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How can I make sure that Google knows my content is original?

YouTube video

This video talks about the methods implemented by Google in crawling websites. Moreover, it was discussed how the Google web team tries very hard to identify and distinguish original article from those that are simply ripped off other sites. Techniques and tips are enumerated by Matt Cutts on how to fight such illegal activity and discussed ways on how to get the sites be crawled more often by Google.

The video highlights the following points:

  1. There is a misconception that Google have the ability to crawl the entire web and have a perfect copy at every instant. In reality, this search engine has the ability to crawl on certain or rather finite number pages at a specific time frame.
  2. Google is trying to crawl on a relatively polite way. They also established a system of prioritizing which part of the web to crawl depending on several factors like the PageRank of a particular page.
  3. Webmasters of ripping off other webmasters by copying the content, changing the time stamp, and owning it as if they wrote it originally is a solvable issue by Google and they try hard to determine what’s original from not..
  4. Webmasters and online authors are protected by various laws and programs. One of those laws is the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) which will take action once a copyright abuse by reporters. Meanwhile, spam report programs are also helpful in assuring the protection of intellectual property online.

In order to achieve better rankings, you should:

  1. Link the site in different social media networks like twitter. In this way, Google may crawl it faster than any other sites with the same content and at the same time promoting your site for more and more visitors.
  2. Hook up features like Pub Sub hubbub which will ping various places. As of now, the help of this program to be crawled by Google is minimal but it might change overtime as the innovation of technology particularly of the internet is a rapid process. Moreover, it is another way of saying that there is a new article or content on your site which is a simple act of owning a certain web content faster than those sites which simply copy and paste content.
  3. If you became a victim of such activity where the contents are stolen from you, kindly submit a DMCA report or mark the site as spam for that stolen content to be taken down from that site.

Take note that original content is key to SEO.