Two Is Better Than One: Why You Need Both SEO & PPC

Updated on: 9 October 2019

If you are familiar with the terms PPC (Pay-per-click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – you will notice that there are often seen as 2 distinct strategies that help to boost web traffic.

Often handled by separate teams in a Digital Marketing Agency, the fact that SEO and PPC are intended to optimize a page’s search rankings should be more than enough to convince you that they actually interact with each other.

To maximise the full benefits of these 2 wonderful practices, it is vital to learn how they affect each other, and how to leverage on their interaction to your bring you results. 

PPC can boost organic search results

PPC and organic search results both appear on the search page, prompting some to think that PPC might compromise on the effectiveness of SEO strategies. However, research has revealed that this is not true – when PPC ads were removed, organic clicks did not increase. Instead, they found it to be a powerful motivator for users to click on organic search results.

Thus, PPC ads can serve to boost organic web traffic by complementing SEO strategies.

SEO can improve the quality of your landing page

The quality of your landing page upon clicking a PPC ad is critical to ad performance. A higher-quality landing page, as determined by Google algorithms and human evaluation; is one that is trustworthy, user-friendly, and relevant to the keywords.

This means that SEO is a crucial contributor to the quality of an ad’s landing page. Using best practices, your SEO consultant can then work to optimise the quality of the landing page; and consequently, boost ad rankings.

Data from PPC can be used to craft SEO strategies

One advantage of PPC is that it is able to churn out massive amounts of tangible data in terms of click-through rate, cost-per-click etc. – giving you a better idea of overall campaign performance.

This can be a valuable resource for finding out the kind of content that works best with your target audience to boost clicks and conversions. In turn, these insights can be funnelled down to improve the quality and relevance of your site’s content.

As such, PPC campaigns can help marketers craft better user-friendly sites, and set the direction for new and better strategies.

More PPC clicks lead to increased crawl demand

Google bots crawl webpages every so often for new pages and changes in order to keep their index up-to-date. A page with higher traffic will inevitably lead to increased activity from both the PPC and SEO Google bots. This is beneficial to the site as a higher crawl rate demand means that the increased likelihood of higher visibility on SERP.

At the end of the day, all evidence points towards PPC and SEO as friends, not enemies. Using just one without the other is counterproductive – brands should be putting all their resources into learning and experimenting how to use both to bring them optimal results.

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