4 tricks that will make your landing page deliver more

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4 tricks that will make your landing page deliver more

After designing a winning digital marketing campaign, you can only be sure of getting the best results if you have a perfect landing page as the finishing line. When clients follow your marketing campaigns, some of them are still making decisions on whether to buy or not. You must keep persuading them and offering additional benefits for conversion. How should you perfect the landing page?

Here are 4 main tricks that you can use to get more from the landing page.

Ensure the landing page headline rhymes well with the ads

When visitors come to the landing page, it will be a great mistake if they find the transition from the ads disconnected. Most of them will simply walk away. Many visitors will feel cheated and consider looking for similar items from competitors. Even before the marketing campaigns have started, you need to think about the headlines, images, content, themes, and other aspects of the pages to ensure everything rhymes well. Consider using A/B split testing for the headlines because what looks appealing to you might be different from what the target audience wants.

Target various groups with the landing page

The best landing page should serve as a special funnel for all the brand visitors arriving from different campaigns. If the landing page can only work for a single audience, the success rate will be low because others will simply go away. How can you make an ideal landing page that suits all visitors? First, the landing page should have bulleted or numbered pros for buying a product or service. Second, tell the visitors who are arriving at the page what those who have used the service are saying. This will persuade the visitor more because it gives the assurance of enjoying success similar to what others are getting. Third, the way you frame the call-to-action should pre-empt the thrill of success. As opposed to telling the visitor to simply reach our support staff, consider something different such as call our expert now.

Make sure to include a video on the landing page

The visitor getting to the page wants to have total assurance that the product will work well and guarantee exemplary results. A short and compelling video talking to the visitor about the item with clear demonstrations on its application will raise the emotional connection. Make sure that the video is located at a point that the visitor who might not be fully convinced will see and watch.

Include relevant incentives on the landing page

As a visitor follows you to the landing page, an incentive will work magic in encouraging conversion. A lot of people are moved to conversion when they get the notion that they are getting a freebie alongside the item they are buying. Some forms of freebies include special discounts, eBooks, coupons, and recoverable points. Note that the word free should be captured well in the call-to-action icon.


When you apply these tricks on the landing page, your visitors will find it easier to flow from marketing campaigns to the landing page and convert to sales. Remember that all the visitors who come to the landing page and fail to convert because of one reason or another should be noted and added to the remarketing list.