When Should I Start SEO My Website?

Updated on: 8 January 2014


This is an Internet marketing question many people don’t pay much attention to but ironically this is quite important because the timing of most of the things in this world is what gives us optimum results and that is what you want – optimum results which SEO (search engine optimization) can bring to you. Some people realize the importance of SEO when their website is completely developed but not doing great while others form their strategy based upon SEO and creating the site as user friendly as possible. Although the former can also make their site SEO friendly, but it can be more time consuming and difficult as compared to the latter one.

From Where To Begin?

So, the questions still stands – when you should start implementing SEO techniques to your website? If you want a simple answer then it is as soon as you plan to launch your website, you should also plan an SEO strategy alongside the website design. Think out and while designing each page and part of your site and keep in mind the SEO factor as well. So, from where should you start implanting SEO techniques? Obviously from the beginning before your website is built.