Why small businesses need to outsource their digital marketing?

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Why small businesses need to outsource their digital marketing?

Why small businesses need to outsource their digital marketing

The 21st-century office has the advantage of technology by its side. Practically any type of job can be done remotely these days, which is a good thing. The term bootstrapping and outsourcing is very popular among startups and small businesses. Many small businesses are cash strapped, short of manpower and typically prefer to outsource part of their jobs to reduce cost. However, that’s not the only reason why they should outsource their digital marketing. Surprisingly, big brands also outsource their digital marketing especially if that is not their core business.

On the surface digital marketing appears simple, all you have to do is post some quality content on a social media site and respond to their follower’s comments. Anyone can do that including interns. A reason many small businesses engage the services of interns to manage their social media. Well, digital marketing or online marketing is more complicated than that.

In order to have a fully functional in-house digital marketing team you need to hire talent in the following areas: web design, copywriting, web application development, Search engine optimization, and many others. Big corporations have the capabilities and resources to assemble such talent to do it in-house. On the other hand, a small business with limited resources can only wish that the first guy who responds to a job advert possess all these skills and can fly a plane. Seriously though here are the justifiable reasons any business (not just small businesses) need to outsource their digital marketing.

Reduce cost

The above description on assembling a team of digital marketing experts gives you an idea of how many dollars you need to spend. It’s expensive no doubt about that and the only thing you can do to avoid bloated salary expenses is outsourced such services. Engaging the services of a digital marketing firm means you will only be required to pay a fraction of the entire preconceived cost.

By outsourcing, you can reduce your cost and easily manage the budget for your marketing campagins.

Save time

The most likely and logical scenario for a small business in such a situation is to hire one staff member because of financial and size constraints. That means the new staff member needs to be monitored to ensure they deliver. In other instances, they might call in sick with a cold or rare condition that confines them to their beds. What do you do in such a scenario? Messages need to be replied to, audiences need to be engaged, posts need to be created and so on. Now I do hope you get the drift. 

Let the expert do the job

Let’s face it. The odds of an average human being hacking the technicalities of digital marketing are quite low. This shortcoming is true regardless of how much time they spend on social media or on search engines. It gets a bit complicated when google analytics, remarketing, SEM, among others, gets into the picture. These elements of digital marketing require dedicated and qualified experts to execute properly. When a small business outsources the services, they get to learn a lot through gathered consumer insights. Insights help the business improve on their current marketing strategy to get better Return on investments (ROI).