Creating an SEO strategy with Google webmaster tools

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Creating an SEO strategy with Google webmaster tools

YouTube video

Member of the support team of Google Webmasters and Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye shared some of the most prolific and high quality tips for site users who are building SEO and online marketing strategies for their Internet-based business. Users who are also familiar with industry and search tools could benefit from the techniques and strategies through the use of specific Google products such as Google Analytics for Web analytics and users of Google Webmaster Tools.

Video Highlights

The following topics are reiterated and emphasized in order to boost your knowledge of SEO and online strategies. Here are some of the most important points in the video:

Google experts shared the multi-part process of building online strategy and SEO. This includes some of the following vital processes and steps:

  • Understanding the workflow of the searcher persona
  • Determining the website and company goals
  • Auditing the website in order to reach the best audience scope
  • Executing and making relevant and useful improvements for tangible results.

Google suggest

  • Google emphasizes the importance and ways on how to overcome obstacles in building SEO as well as an Internet-based strategy for businesses.
  • Google’s Webmaster Tool allows webmasters to verify and check their site ownership and could enjoy two-way communication channel with Google.
  • The Google’s Webmaster forum is designed for community engagement where users could keep in touch with other members or access helpful support articles for varied topics and discussions.
  • Google experts suggest diagraming all the components of your company in order to have a better look at your system and determine potential SEOs and online strategies.

In order to increase your ranking in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you should:

  • Learn about the numerous helpful strategies and SEOs from Google Webmasters particularly the use of Webmaster Tools for online businesses.
  • It is very important to master the basic components of SEO and understand how the Google operates so that you can determine which type of online strategy would work best for your business.